As an Education Consultant with Promethean I worked on a team of two within the CyFair ISD school district in Cypress, Texas. During the length of our project, it was our responsibility to provide the district with the necessary momentum to integrate Promethean solutions to enhance student engagement and interactivity.   

  • Teacher trainer on Promethean solutions (software and hardware)

  • Developed methods of integration to support district initiatives

  • Experience with hardware installation and set up (Promethean ActivPanels)

  • Creator of content for trainings, support resources (online and print) including handouts, audio and video options

  • Social Media “manager”; G+ community, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat

  • Worked closely with all district employees from classroom support to curriculum coaches (all subjects and levels)


I worked closely with district employees in CyFair ISD to support and guide integration of the chosen Promethean products into the various content areas. Integration of content, basic tutorials of use and brainstorming on best practices were some of the areas in which I provided support. 

I can proudly say that myself and my colleague were the driving force behind the Elementary Math and Read 180 departments fully implementing ClassFlow into their content on a weekly basis. 

Collaborator: With Curriculum Coaches,

Coordinators and District Level Employees 

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During the project, I made myself available to the campuses for assistance with the set-up and troubleshooting of the Promethean hardware and software. I also developed an extensive library of resources for employees to access. These resources were shared through the following formats: 

- Google Plus Community 

- CyFair ISD's Instructional Technology Department's district wide Google site

- a self managed YouTube Channel highlighting Promethean and CyFair ISD Technology Tool Integration tips 

- Snapchat 

- Twitter

- Periscope - check out our #stillActivInspired twitter event! 

- Remind app 

 All of these methods of communication were utilized with the intent of keeping the district updated on upcoming training's, product and hardware updates, and technology learning opportunities within CyFair ISD.  We also spent a great deal of our time seeking out and highlighting "power users" as a way to show teachers in district what their colleagues were doing with the same content and tools provided to them. 

Social Media Manager  

One of my passions is the utilization of graphic design tools such as Canva and Adobe Spark in order to share information with others and provide support in various contexts. I had the opportunity to enhance my skills during this project, and use them for a larger purpose. I learned more about video creation, including how to effectively combine audio and video clips, PDF resources and easy to follow graphics and interactive resources (through the google extension iorad).

By the end of my contract in the school district, I had created over 350 resources for the district to utilize as they continue to learn more about the products and services made available to them. 

Support Resources: Video, Graphics and Documetation

During my time as a consultant with Promethean I was provided the opportunity to work on both the sales team and the product development team for several months each. I come into my consultant role with a unique set of experiences and skills which allows me to confidently speak on processes at all levels of a school district. I have experience working with district level departments such as curriculum coaches and content coordinators to campus level coaches and classroom teachers and everyone in between. 

As a member of the User Engagement team, I was put in a unique position to work with the product development team during testing and release of new products. I have experience in product testing and feedback, I've also had the opportunity to provide product feedback based on my day to day relationship with educators in the field. 

Promethean Experience: User Engagement and Sales Team

Supporter: Trend Tuesday Initiative 

As an Education Consultant with Promethean, I was able to share my fondness for social media integration with a team of talented educators. From the beginning stages of our project in CyFair ISD, my colleague and I utilized Periscope as a way to document the growth of teachers with Promethean integration (see Teacher Spotlight for more details). 

Some of my team members were intrigued by the opportunities provided by such broadcasting apps as Periscope and YouTube Live. After sharing my knowledge on the basics of these tools with the team, "Trend Tuesday" was born. 

During these monthly broadcasts (via Periscope and Twitter), members of the EC team shared updates, and new tricks or tips with regards to Promethean integration (such as the Activ Connect G, the ActivBoard, ClassFlow, or ActivInspire) that would provide teachers with new ideas.  

Supporter: Trend Tuesday Initiative 

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