Ways to get connected in the month of October!

Join my pln and I for some wonderful upcoming events over the next few days / weeks!

If you've ever read any of my tweets, posts on instagram or my facebook page, watched any of my periscopes or read my blog, I hope the impression you'll pick up on immediately is my passion for connectedness! I wanted to share some wonderful opportunities to get connected which will be coming your way this month (starting today!) Please keep in mind that there are multiple opportunities here, and the best part is you can choose how to participate! If you'd like to "lurk" thats cool! If you'd like to be on the video chats, go for it! Take these experiences and make them your own learning opportunities in whichever way you feel most comfortable.

If you have any questions about how to get connected via social media to any of these events, feel free to reach out!

Opportunity: New Teacher Chat (monthly twitter chat)

TONIGHT join us for the #ntchat on twitter where we will discuss #parentcommunication starting at 7pm CST!

How to Connect:

Visit twitter.com and search for the #ntchat; click on "Latest" in the top menu bar to stay updated on the questions as they come in. Questions will start around 5:05 pm and run every 10 minutes (approximately). Be sure to use the #ntchat and the answer (ex A1: - would be the answer for question 1) prompts when responding.

Opportunity: Pass the Scope Edu- (monthly periscope day)

Next Thursday, Oct.18th join my #passthescopeedu team for a wonderful day of sharing about how to get back into #yourgroove!

How to Connect: Follow the #passthescopeedu on twitter and or periscope to stay updated throughout the day. Would YOU like to join our team?

Feel free to sign up for a time-slot and share at bit.ly/ptsedusignup

Opportunity: Connected Educator Appreciation Day!

Next Saturday, Oct. 20th, my CeduAD team and I will host the first ever Connected Educator Appreciation Day! We will have several hours of sessions- each hour complete with a host or two, panelist and a discussion on a trending topic in education.

How to Connect: Feel free to join us by signing up to participate at www.ceduad.com. Each hour you will be able to join in the conversation with the links shared on the website to watch the Zoom conversations, and communicate via Twitter with the #CEduAD as well!

Opportunity: ECGlobal Game Changer Spotlight

Finally, on Oct. 27 at 10am cst, join my #ECGlobal @edchangeglobal team and I for our #Gamechangerspotlight! Each month we will host an hour long event on a Saturday of the month. During that hour one of our amazing #gamechangers will showcase the amazing work they are doing in their education setting, each month will be a new topic and host!

How to Connect: Visit and subscribe to edchangeglobal.com for more details! When the link is live, we will post the zoom link on our website. To join, click the zoom link. Remember that you DO NOT have to be on video, but can instead connect with audio only if that is more comfortable for you. You may also simply join in and share your feedback and thoughts in the comments if desired. Look for a detailed tutorial on how to connect to be posted on our website closer to the event as well.

If you are looking for ways to become a #connectededucator now is the time, and here are some great opportunities to "get your feet wet!" I would love to support you on your journey and look forward to "seeing you" at these virtual events!

Please let me know how I can help or any questions you have with regards to these events and any other virtual opportunities! If you are going to be a part of any other virtual connection events related to education, please feel free to share the details with me as well! I always love to #buildmypln

Have a blessed day, and remember the importance of bringing value to others!

- Cassie

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