The Power of Connections in Education

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

It all starts with one simple decision to connect. Whatever social media tool you choose, face to face conference you attend, or email you send to take that first step on your connection journey, making connections is a “must do.” It can indeed be such a frightening thing, especially if you self-identify as an introvert as I do. The good news is that there is a vast community of people in the education community waiting to welcome you in! They are there to willingly and freely provide you with support, encouragement and resources to empower and encourage you wherever you may be in your education career!

What do these connections “look like?”

Possible Social Media Platforms

Face to Face conferences

  • Edcamps (link “What are edcamps)

  • Within District

  • Out of District

Virtual Conferences

Why connect?

  • Once you start to connect with others, you’re opening up the doors to realize your true potential in education, thinking outside the “four walls” of your own classroom and your own limits, putting yourself in a place of vulnerability to grow and become the educator you’ve always wanted to be.

Benefits of Connecting

With Individuals

  • You can gain access to tons of free resources and implementation ideas not only with regards to technology and ways to properly integrate new tools effectively into your classroom, but also related to best practices of concepts and new strategies. By connecting with other individuals, you are willing yourself to also learn from others experiences to gain insight which will help you to move forward and grow.

With Groups / Organizations

  • By connecting with educational groups and or organizations, you have the opportunity to be one of the first to learn out about new opportunities, partnerships and growth opportunities available for you, your colleagues, and your district.

  • Some examples include being “in the know” about new connection and/or professional development opportunities being brought to the general public such a summits and virtual free events (Strobel summit, Hive Summit, EdChange Global, Connected Educator Monthly Meet-Ups, Skype-a-Thon, Global Maker Day, ect.) to name a few.

With Companies

  • Connecting with companies and/or organizations is very beneficial for the classroom teacher! Find and build relationships with companies that you can partner with, to bring the latest and greatest resources to your audience. Many companies today have ambassador programs or some sort of leadership program that gives back to classroom teachers in a mutual relationship, they sometimes offer free entry to conferences, and enjoy highlighting the classroom teachers who are “in the trenches” day to day, utilizing their products in a way that impacts and empowers students.

During my time in the classroom I was able to build a relationship with the Classflow team at Promethean in this way. Learn more below about my story, and how this connection made a lasting impact on my students and my career!

How Promethean Can Help YOU To Grow

Promethean does a great job at empowering educators to share the work they are doing with their students through social media opportunities like “twitter takeover” days and webinars.

Promethean invites teachers to share at conferences which are amazing opportunities for the educator to amplify their voice in front of new audiences.

They also host face to face summits and conferences where this “community” can be built- in the face to face setting, if virtually isn’t a place of comfort yet.

Though I am still in the early stages of my independent consultancy, there are three things that got me here and keep me going each and every day:

1. Support, encouragement and little “nudges” from others in my “pln” (professional learning network) that come through my social media connections.

2. My willingness to learn new things and push myself further in all areas of my career.

3. The relationships that I’ve built and maintain with various companies, organizations and individuals from which I am always gathering new ideas to help others learn and grow.

A huge thank you to Promethean for the journey thus far and for the experience to share my passion, showing others the value of connections and being able to share my story.

The feeling of being valued is rare in such a big world, and you have helped me to realize my importance and my value, and to continue my mission to connect others!

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