Pushing Past Your Fear to Make an Impact

"Being scared made me fearful and want to give up. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you don’t get scared."

Just because you get scared doesn’t mean you’re not good at something. Where you focus your attention will get bigger and magnified. Focusing on fears will fuel You to stay back and stay small.

It doesn't matter how many accomplishments you have, fear can make you doubt your skills.

Your mind is multi-million dollar real-estate, be careful of what you let reside there.

Ask yourself.. What are you proud of, what are you wanting to accomplish? Focus on that. What the do you like about yourself, what are you gifted at?

Going scared podcast

We think success is instant nut need to realize that’s not the case

Taking the long view gets us where we will be.

Believe In your idea and don’t be afraid to ask. Adopt the attitude of saying yes before you know how. Build key relationships, you never know when they’ll be beneficial, have trust and faith in the lords plan.

God uses people. He is looking for co-creators. We get to partner with the creator of the universe. We can surrender the ounce and nor surrender our identity in the Finalization. God shows up and You have to be willing to get moving. God can turn a moving vehicle, not a stalled one. Get off your prayer chair!

You are gods workmanship, created to do his work. Faith is being able to stand up and go without knowing The outcome.

There is no shame in getting help. Own your worth and your value.

You might think you’ve reached a wall but there are people that want to show up for you. If we hold back we are robbing others of things they could do. Everyone loses when you don’t step into your gifts. When you are the asker, god will provide the right people to give you the yes.

Don’t confirm negative stories that you create or look for. If you have a narrative in your mind, check it because it drives your story.

We have the power to change our perspective from negative to positive. Consider the present and celebrate what we do have in order to live into the more.

There is no real point of arrival, we are always wanting more. This is an escapist mentality. Focus on what we are made for and have to offer and have To give instead.

Book- Imperfect Courage – I am scared, and I can….

We can use our power to create power for others.

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