Podcast for Education Consultants

For those of you looking to get into education consulting, and those of you who have asked me all about my current journey as a consultant, here is a great podcast to inspire and motivate you.

Check out the "Dr.Will Show" - both available in podcast and youtube format.


Pleased and honored to have my own podcast episode with Dr. Will a few months ago, I decided to jump in while doing some work the other day to check out the advice from fellow consultants. It's great to learn from others who are going through similar experiences for support and encouragement.

The particular episode I listened to featured Delores Brown (@modebylo). Even though her background and her entrepreneurial journey is very different than my own, so many things spoke to me throughout this episode. Below I've shared their conversation from the podcast, between Dr. Will and Delores, and in a few spots added my own input as well. I hope this blog gets you excited to check out this podcast in your free time, and inspires you as well!

Dr. Will - On having a lack of fear, and how to overcome these voices you hear in the back of your mind to allow you to accomplish your goals:

Delores- "I get scared, even when it comes to answering the phone."

- "I may have fear, but then I think and remember that there is nothing that I haven't gotten through yet."

Delores also said, with regards to failure, or times when things do not go exactly the way she expects.....

- taking experiences, and realizing "I'm going to be ok!" You may not like it, then change your perspective.

Being upset doesn't help you get through situations.

Change your Perspective.

With regards to listening to someone else-

" if they have never been there, and they aren't you, take is as "salt on the shoulder" and move forward."

- take ownership- own where you want things to go.

- as an entreprenur you have the ownership of the future, and where you will or will not go.

As an Entreprenur, Delores says;

Stubbornness is an important trait to have to an extent.

- Fears are meant to be overcome- if there is something that you're fearing or not comfortable with, all it takes is one time to get through it, then you can consider it conquered.

Dr. Will asks Delores for lessons learned along the way that have propelled her forward:

- Asking for help!

- I got to a point where I didn't know what to do! other peoples openness were very helpful

- it's easier to do now that I've done it in the past

Dr. Will asks;

"How important is it for people to create that network that they can learn from, grow with and hold them accountable for the dreams they have?"

Delores- The network and commendatory, being around others going through things that are similar is key. It feels good knowing that you're not in it alone.

Delores on social media connections:

"I forget that I dont know them!" Through social media connections, you feel that you know people through bonds that are created through social media.

These people can become lifelong friends and great connections as I've always said.

Dr Will: Why should people brag about themselves?


IF you don't talk about it, generally no one is going to know or talk about what your accomplishments are.

- When you have these small wins, no one is going to know about them, and it's going to be harder to get that next big win without sharing all the small ones.

- Put any accomplishments, published articles, videos, ect out there! By putting it all out there, accomplishments and notariety will increase. Understand your downfalls and apply them to your "come ups," put the ups and downs out there for all to see. No one is perfect!

Dr Will asked in closing;

What is the best piece of advice that you've received and your advice to educators looking to monetize their talents:

Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems.

- When you look at something that has failed, you get more experiences from the failures than the wins.

When you do have wins, you keep going, so that you don't become stagnant; you must keep going forward!

- Anyone entering something they haven't succeeded in:

If you accomplish something, celebrate it! If you fail, take that failure as a learning experience allowing you to utilize it as a win in the future!

Listen to the podcast below.

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