#ntchat - New Teacher Chat is Back!!!

#ntchat is back, and I'm going to be a co-moderator! New and experienced educators, this is one that you won't want to miss! Join us the second Wednesday each month at 5pm et / 8pm pt on twitter for this educational experience. The first chat will take place September 12, 2018, topic to be announced as well as questions, sooner to the twitter chat date.

Check out the educators that I'll be collaborating with for this new adventure!

Lisa Dabbs

Author, Professor, Presenter, Blogger, Consultant, Educator

founder of the #ntchat

@teachwithsoul on twitter

@lisadabbsedu on instagram


Chuck Poole

Author, Educator, Podcaster, Blogger, Coach

founder of the #weteachun chat

@cpoole27 on twitter

@teachonomy on instagram


These two are absolutely incredible mentors, leaders and rockstars in the education world and I could not be more honored to collaborate with them!

Even more exciting are the connections and the vision of this chat, the opportunity to empower, inspire and ignite a passion within new teachers (and experienced ones as well).

This is an area that I have felt passionate about since I was myself a new teacher not long ago at all. I now know that power of having a support group, a tribe a #pln to reach out to for encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, someone to share a laugh with from time to time at the end of a long week. I didn't have that experience myself, but now that I've found it I want to share how and why it is important for EVERYONE to do so!

I am thrilled for this opportunity for many reasons mentioned above, and more .... looking forward to seeing where this experience will take myself and others that these conversations and connections will impact.

Check out what Lisa had to say on her own blog about the returning chat below.

New Teacher Chat is BACK!

We’ll be hosting the chat on a Monthly basis with resources posted on the #ntchat hashtag all month after the chat. Stay tuned as we ramp up for September 2018!

Below is info about the original chat:

New Teacher Chat (#ntchat) reached 7 years in 2017! After much success and international recognition, New Teacher Chat was retired in January of 2017.

New Teacher Chat and the hashtag #ntchat on Twitter was founded on May 5th, 2010 by Lisa Dabbs @teachwithsoul.
The chat was created to provide weekly mentoring and focus on the needs of new, new to the profession and pre-service teachers world-wide. The focus of the chat was to be practitioner focused with supportive resources for all participants, particularly those new to the profession.

New teachers collaborated weekly during #ntchat by sharing ideas and resources with others as well as concerns they had as they prepared to enter the profession.

Experienced, tenured teachers were encouraged to take part in New Teacher Chat to support and mentor this eager and excited group.

The chat was held on Twitter Wednesdays, from 5pm-6pm PST/8pm-9pm ET.

The #ntchat hashtag was used to join the conversation.

The #ntchat hashtag continues on Twitter to connect new & pre-service teachers to those who can support them.

To learn more about the chat from Lisa herself, visit her blog by clicking the link below!


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