Marketing Tips for Success

Learn a little more about building your own brand and marketing, by Donald Miller (of Story Brand) and Christy Wright (of Business Boutique) from an episode of the Business Boutique podcast.

Who is Donald Miller?

- is an American author, public speaker, and business owner. He is the CEO of StoryBrand, a company that helps businesses clarify their messages. He made his name as a memoirist, writing deeply personal essays and reflections about faith, God, and self-discovery. His first New York Times bestselling book was Blue Like Jazz and his latest book is called Building a StoryBrand.

In the episode of the Business Boutique podcast with Christy Wright, Donald discusses steps for marketing success, through building your storybrand.

What is a "storybrand" you ask?

"The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If customers are confused about what you offer, they’ll look past you for somebody who can say it clearly. Once you clarify your message, your company will begin to grow. Companies that clarify their messaging win in the marketplace." - Donald Miller,

As I listened to the podcast I took note of the important points mentioned by Christy and Donald.

There are NO small whys!

? What would it mean to have your creative passions and ideas support the life you dream of having?

? How would it feel to have a thriving online business as an influencer?

Common Fears and Solutions

I am not going to grow, no matter what I do. Does this influencer space need another ___________?
  • Do everything you can to get it into the hands of your audience, or you will stay stuck.

  • Taking action is a choice, so is not taking action.

Target Market:

" If you want to have the best marketing for your business, don’t worry about the prettiest ads. Spend some time getting to really know your customers. Ask them what they like about your company and what they don’t. Ask them about their problems and what they need. Ask them about what motivates them and what they want more of. When you get them, then you can actually reach them.

Because it’s not the prettiest ads that makes the best marketing. The best research does."

- Christy Wright What Makes the Best Marketing

- Another resource to check out- Episode 27- Learning from your Competition

Two other great people to follow for branding tips and tricks are Desiree Alexander (@educatoralex) and Dr. William Deymaport, III (@iamdrwill).

View their tips and suggestions on the videos hosted below from two connected educator events we participated in together during 2018.

Desiree Alexander at EdChange Global (@edchangeglobal,) #ECGlobal, July 2018.

Dr. William Deymaport, III at Connected Educator Appreciation Day (@conedad,) #CEduAD, October 2018.

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