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Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Cassie Denea Reeder

So today I sit here, in the last day of the latest chapter of my career. My time as an education consultant with Promethean is winding down in less than 24 hours- 9 hours and 1 minute to be exact as I write these words. Here are my thoughts and a reflection on my experience over the past two years and 5 days. 

I will try not to ramble, which I am notorious for, and my goal is to keep this easy to follow but as I sit an collect my thoughts to share with you, as my brain normally works, ideas are flying around crazy. So in advance I want to thank your for reading this, and to encourage you to take my message and pull out of it what speaks to you and helps you through your journey wherever you might be at this time. 

June 2016- I was starting a new journey, finally leaving the classroom, which was something that I had longed for for quite some time, even though my time in the classroom was really just 5 short years. Basically with the blink of an eye I was out of the classroom, and on to something else! Let me be clear, when teachers talk about wanting to leave, most of the time we hear these feelings coming from a place of being tired, worn out, burn out etc. I was feeling that way, I'd say about 30% BUT that is because I was working outside of the classroom hours on OVERDRIVE to build my PLN and make connections with others which I quickly learned was my calling. Not to mention all of the countless hours I spent working on stuff for our EdChange / EdCamp Global / ECG Classrooms events. I was ready to leave the classroom because I knew that there was a "higher calling" for me, and I was ready to transition into that new role. Leaving the classroom was one of the best decisions I made personally, and professionally, but I will always seek out whatever opportunities I can to continue to work with students. 

Taking on the education consultant role in CyFair ISD, in Cypress TX was one that terrified and excited me at the same time. I was terrified because I was leaving all I'd ever known, working with students, growing and molding their minds through our day to day interactions, having a little space and creative rights in my teaching adventures (which I was truly blessed by!) I was taking on a new challenge of working with adult learners, in an environment with little structure or rules in terms of the work that I was to do on a weekly basis. This was a journey that I was excited to embark upon, because I knew that it would push me to a new level that I would never have the opportunity to experience in the classroom. My goal, one that I stated during my interviews and kept in the forefront of my decision making process, was to continue to grow personally and professionally, and to develop a new skill set that I could carry on my career path no matter where it led. As a professional I want to always challenge myself to try new things, and to never stop learning or growing. I never want to find myself in a place of complacency or to feel stagnant. At times I felt like a wave of these feelings would rush over me, but I learned to push past those feelings and find something new to fill that void. This is a skill that I am grateful to have learned, and hope to continue to refine and polish that ability as time moves on. 

June 2018- Overall, I would not trade this experience with Promethean for the world! Yes I'll admit that it seemed at times that I got "lazier" with the amount of work that I put in on a weekly basis, let's face it sometimes schools just weren't interested in working with us due to the general busy times during a school year, but all the work got done between myself and my amazing colleague putting in the work! As I reflect on the past two years, it might not have gone exactly how I had expected, and maybe I am moving on to new things faster than I expected, but I believe that the timing is also in some ways perfect. I have said time and time again that I got all that I could out of this position and I believe that wholeheartedly. 

Moving on to new adventures, or "bigger and better things," as they say I am now an independent education consultant. I'm less that 1 whole day in and I'm going to admit things are already overwhelming, and will continue to be that way for the time being I'm sure. There are a few things in the works and one sure opportunity at this time, but I'm going to stay strong and hopeful that this is where I need to be and this is an opportunity that I will look back on and be proud of this new leap into the unknown! 

I'm excited for the new journey that is to come, the connections that I can continue to foster and develop as well as the new connections and relationships that I will be able to build with others through social media connections, partnerships and collaborations that are just waiting for the right time to reveal themselves! 

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