Have Courage!

In this post, I focus on the importance of courage. I learned a lot about myself during the process of preparing for and creating this blog post, and I hope that you take a moment to reflect on your level of courage in your day to day life as a result of these words as well.

As with my recent blogs, this one is a hodge podge of ideas and inspirations that stem from podcasts and virtual learning that I’ve been consuming.

Through Rachel Hollis and the #last90days I learned all about the value of the High Performance Habits and the weekly released podcast by Brendon Burchard. I have since started tuning in to each and every one of his podcast for a daily boost or new idea to focus in on for personal improvement.

These first weeks of January he released a series entitled “Transformation Week.” During transformation week he shared daily concepts that will allowed listeners to kick off the new year with a new vision and a repositioning of focus. Day 6 focused in on a topic that really spoke to me, it was all about courage.

As I’ve transitioned to more challenging professional roles that I am not quite as courageous as I initially thought, or assumed. When thinking about the past and my level of courageousness, I would rate myself at a 5-6. My current level I would rate on some days as an 8-8.5 and others around a 2. I rarely reflected on courage in the past, but find that it is an area that I now should pay more attention to. As I hone in on my courage I want to with focus on ways to increase it, and build a daily awareness. I will start by sharing the quotes I found most meaningful as I listened to the podcast episode, then share my personal reflections and connections.

Favorite quotes and Ideas:

Consider: Courageous high performers will share what they want, what they need, what they prefer. Who are you not sharing what you need, want, what’s important to you with?
  • You’re not being bossy, you’re sharing what you need. Identify people and make it more consistent to share your feelings and ideas.

  • Just because others cannot handle it doesn’t mean you should silence your life.

*Frequency- courage becomes fearful when you don’t know what is going to happen.

The more familiar things (actions) become, the more confidence you build up in yourself. What you’re able to take on can continue to increase and grow. What you thought previously would be a huge challenge can become a small road bump when before it seemed like a mountain. They referred to this as a confidence loop.

- you’re able to work through the confidence loop when you continue your progress, making your challenges increased and more familiar.

- no one is doing anything for the first time anymore. Someone is always doing something more challenging or difficult, there are always people that can guide you! Google and research who has already built the roadmap already for you to learn from!

*Importance of specifically asking for help- verbalizing the need for help.

- when you take on new challenges, you’ll have to ask for help!

- When people find success, sometimes they stop asking for help, so it can be a challenge when you have had some individual successes. When you’ve got some momentum going, you need more clarity because the “train wreck” could be much worse during that phase.

* Who needs you on your “A Game?”

Focus on something that is bigger than yourself. When thinking in this context, you will be able to see all the pieces and parts to accomplish the task at hand, and be better able to identify who needs your support.

When you accomplish one thing, keep that forward momentum going, what’s next?

Ask yourself: What are some things that you need to accomplish or focus on to keep that forward momentum going?

My Reflection:

In the space I am now, I have been given the freedom to really make change in others’ lives. I think about all the experiences that I’ve had leading up to this current phase of my life, and I know that I have been given this opportunity for a reason. I do love all that opportunities that I have to continue to grow my skills in the areas of training and content design, I wouldn’t give up those opportunities for the world! I feel that I have been called upon to spark inspiration and allow others to look at things with a new lens in the area of connectivity and building their own “tribes” of support. I currently have a plan in place, but little real structure developed around this idea because I am allowing that fear to keep me from being bold and courageous. When I think about the opportunities that I can provide to teachers through meaningful connection and the power that the PLN can have, I get renewed and excited as I reflect on how that idea has changed my own life. Then… I start to think about all the work and the steps that need to be taken to get that word out, and develop deliverables which will help them come to those realizations, and I freeze. Courage, excitement and passion that I had before are all trumped by fear.

This is an area of my life that I am fully aware needs work, and through the knowledge shared in the Transformation Week podcast, and hopefully the support that I receive from you, the readers, I will be able to continue moving forward in this confidence loop, and not look back!

I want to be able to reflect on 2019 and see that I’ve made a great deal of progress in the professional deliverables that I plan to release, and within my personal life as I reflect on this idea of courage.

In terms of growth and what I plan to do to fight the fear, I have connected with a few ladies through Voxer which will push me, and help me to move forward on my journey. They too are consultants, in similar positions as myself at the time. I have been lucky enough to connect with three ladies that are further along in their journey than me, so as referenced previously in the materials from the podcasts, they are those people who have already begun to forage the same, or a similar path as myself. I must admit, that these supports are in place, but I also have to be more deliberate with my connections with these ladies, and be sure that I have the courage to communicate with them regularly. That means that when things are going well, we can share victories, but on the flip side, when things aren’t, we also share our shortcomings and work on strategies to find success on the second try. I do believe that I am in a good place with the “groundwork” that has been laid in terms of the connections and others willingness to support and work together, but that still means that work has to be done. It’s “Go time!”

Enough about me……. I want to leave you with this challenge as well, no matter where you are in your journey, no matter what your big goals and dreams are….

Take some time to reflect on yourself.

Another great speaker that I’ve started to listen in to is Mel Robbins. She has a 35 day Mindset Reset which I am also participating in, as a way to take on the new year for the first 35 days, with intention, and reset, in order to be the best that you can be moving forward. I would encourage you to look up her youtube videos around this great content, and feel free to download her free PDF guide as well. Why do I mention this? Because she starts out the program by having participants to take a survey as they reflect on their live in 2018. I love how she has it structured out, simple and easy to follow. I have done this reflection, and it helped to boost my confidence in many areas when I think about how far I have come! I tie that confidence loop back to my reflection when I think about those things that I started which did indeed seem like mountains, but now looking back seem to be a small speed bump that is fairly easy to cross in the end.

What is your courage level rating on an average day?

As I mentioned previously, I never really thought about my level of courage on a day to day basis. Maybe this is something you consider frequently, but maybe you’re like me and need a little reminder that this is an important area of our lives to increase.

What keeps you from increasing that number?

After considering your rating on a scale of 1-10, really reflect on a few times that you have let fear take precedence over being bold, courageous and going for the goals that you’ve put in your sights. By doing this reflection, and writing it down, maybe even sharing it with others, you’ll be more aware of those situations when this fear comes creeping up again.

I have also learned that yes, it is “scary” (fear again) but when we share our goals and aspirations with others, it allows us to find accountability partners that will check in from time to time. When we have accountability from others, we are less likely to make those excuses that we create and tell ourselves all the time, and more likely to power through and find a way to accomplish the tasks, goals, ect. because as humans I believe that we genuinely want to make ourselves proud, and make others proud of us as well. Think about a time that you’ve accomplished a goal and how good it felt to be able to brag about it! Remember that sometimes it’s ok to brag a little, it took a lot of effort and hard work to cross that “finish line,” be proud!

What actions have you put into place I look forward to what we are able to accomplish this year!

After we have an idea in our mind of what we want to accomplish, and supports from our accountability partners who will help us to press on with the upward battle throughout 2019, it is vital that actions are put into place that will help when we get lost, stuck, or fear takes the place of that new found courage a few days, or weeks from now. It’ll happen when we least expect it, as Brendon mentioned within his podcast. When we are moving and grooving, and it seems like nothing can stop us, that’s when a wrench gets thrown in and shuts the whole thing down. We have to have a plan for stepping back, reflecting and figuring out a way to move forward maybe down an alternate path, which will still lead us to that finish line.

Just like you, I struggle with lack of courage, and an abundance of fear daily, but if we work together with a trusted person or group of people that will be there to support us, we can get through anything! I look forward to seeing and learning about all that you can accomplish with your new found courage, and I look forward to the journey that 2019 brings me as well. I will continue to blog my progress throughout the year so that you can see the progress and the struggles that I am dealt, and I hope that it will encourage you to go on this journey with me! We are after all, better together!

If you’re looking for support or an encouraging word every now and then, be sure to connect with me by either emailing me “click “Contact Cassie” on the homepage of my site, comment below, or simply connect with me via social media (cassiereederedu – twitter, Instagram and facebook)!

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