Progress in CyFair ISD

One of the greatest things that we have accomplished in our project in Cypress Fairbanks ISD is the integration of ClassFlow into the Elementary Math curriculum. There was quite a bit of hesitation at the beginning of last school year, when we began on our journey within the school district. As content coordinators and coaches were trained over time and learned about the power that ClassFlow could have on their educational experiences with their students, we saw more and more buy in. 

We are now at a point in our project where all Elementary Math teachers in the district are utilizing ClassFlow in their lessons on a daily basis as a great teaching tool that allows them to see their students thinking, and encourages collaboration. 

Here is a video made by the social media team in CyFair ISD to highlight the power that ActivPanel and ClassFlow integration has had on the classrooms all across the school district. 

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