Finish the year strong! #yougotthis

As the school year starts to wind down, it is important that you continue to give students all you have.

This is the time, once testing is over, that you have the opportunity, in my opinion, to make the biggest impact!

You've set the strong foundation, but now it's time to end the year knowing that your class(es) developed a powerful, positive relationship that has helped them to grow, learn and embrace positivity that you've modeled for them.

Now let's talk truth for a moment, as a teacher, you have been giving it your all, working day in and day out to meet the needs of your students and providing for them the best possible learning opportunities that you can provide. This, my friends, is a lot of work!

I was one of those teachers who started the day early, and ended it late, taking all my work home each night, and working through the weekends most times to provide the best that I could for my students.

Talk about a lack of work life balance... but ultimately, I say all that to say that I know where you're coming from, those feelings of burn out, stress and just an ultimate desire for a break (don't worry, it is coming soon).

What I found is that at this time of year, it is very easy for us as educators to put our needs in front of our students, and start to do that "spring cleaning" or day dreaming of what is to come in the summer months, and step back for the needs of our students. This might sound crazy to some, but at the same time it is easy to fall into those feelings as well. You've put all you had into your class(es) and now you just long for some down time. Well, it is coming soon, but you're not there just yet.

I'm encouraging you to use the remainder of the time that you have with your students to focus on the relationships that you have with them.

There are always those hard to reach students, and there are always those few that you just instantly fall in love with. Work to make the most out of every single moment with each and every unique individual that walks through your door, and focus on how you can get to know them and build a positive relationship with them before it's too late.

As a classroom teacher, you have the best gift that a person could ever receive. The chance to empower and impact another persons life.

They are just waiting for you to open up and give them anything, so what are you waiting for? As an elementary teacher, my students were thirsting for something. It was not always what I had to share with them from a textbook, or from a lesson plan that I spend hours preparing, but most of the time it was the genuine need for human interaction! No matter the background of your students, everyone loves to feel a connection with someone else. Even just a simple connection of interest, that can brighten a persons day!

If you are looking for some great examples to support you along your journey to get through this last part of the year, including resources to use with your students to continue to build and strengthen those positive relationships, I recommend visiting my friend Chuck's site-

He has been an amazing mentor to me, providing me with encouragement and support along my journey, and I'm sure that you will find empowerment from his message as well.

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