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Check out my latest venture, the Connected Educator Podcast, and soon to be released, the Social Media Connection Course.

I've just released episode 5 of the Connected Educator Podcast, and I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity to reach and teach others how to establish their presence on these connectivity tools!

Here is a quick rundown of this weeks episode and the previous episodes which have been released on a weekly basis for the past month.

Episode 5: Twitter 101 (part 1)

Twitter is an amazing networking tool. With twitter you have the ability to connect with individuals, small organizations or companies, and my favorite, to participate in events that are hosted by individuals or small teams to create collaboration opportunities (through a twitter chat, for example). In this episode, learn more about how to get started with twitter including account set up, how to follow accounts and how #'s (hashtags) work! I also share a few implementation ideas for twitter within the classroom. 

See previously released episode details below.

Episode 4: Voxer 101

In this episode we cover the basics of our first connectivity tool, Voxer. 

Voxer is a walkie talkie style application that allows users to connect with text, images, GIFs, videos and most importantly with voice messages. 

In this episode, I mention EdCamp Voice which will take place this summer on July 1 and 2. 

Episode 3: Cassie's Story

In this episode, I share a little about my journey to becoming a connected educator and some tips that will help you as your begin or continue along your journey as well. No matter where you are or how long you have been a connected educator, you're sure to find at least one nugget of information on this episode that will help you continue to reach your goals! 

Episode 2: Three Tips

In this podcast, I share three tips that I've learned on my connected educator journey, sort of a "rule of thumb" when deciding who I follow and allow to friend me. These tips have helped me to build my personal learning network with amazing influencial educators that share content aligned with my goals and aspirations and have allowed me to gather a wealth of knowledge and resources. This same experience is possible for you as well, when you focus on these three tips as you are choosing who, or what to follow on the platform(s) that you've picked as your connectivity tool. 

Episode 1: Welcome to the Connected Educator Podcast!

Listen in for a short introduction to find out the "what" behind the Connected Educator Podcast. Learn about the goals behind these audio recordings, and the benefit that listening in will provide you! This podcast is all about making and strengthening the connections that educators have with one another through the various social media platforms out there. Listen in to learn more! 

Next weeks episode will cover additional Twitter resources.. including more on how to send your first tweets, how to retweet (or share) content from your followers, and how to find and get started in twitter chats.

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