Building a consulting business or side gig?

Check out these tips from Christy Wright and the Business Boutique. Learn more about the four tiers of the Business Boutique to help you "build a vision and a plan to harness your passion into your own version of success."

This podcast starts out by discussing the importance of goal setting, a topic that I've been heavily focused on lately, and share more detail about in my goal setting blog.

Christy starts by the creation of goals starting with How, How Much (do you want to grow (specific percentages or numbers, for example), adding in a time limit (year, month, block of time, week, ect.) and making sure that you're creating realistic goals that are achievable. As you create these goals, it is also vital that you write them down!

It is easy to ready and understand these steps in the goal setting process, but sometimes it's easier said than done. She goes on to provide four tiers of a business plan, part of the template provided by the Business Boutique.

Get started by creating a plan!

Tier 1: Build a Foundation

Start with a strategy, to work on, and in your business. People don't buy what you do, but why you do it!

Tier 2: Build your business around your time and your bank account.

How much are you going to spend out of your personal funds?

Random thoughts from the Tier 2 section that stuck with me.

- It is important to build up reading practices for instance, personal development. It is important that as you grow, you also include some for of input as well to continue growing and learning with and from others.

- Vision will inspire you, but discipline will get you there!

- It's not what we do that will hurt us, but what we don't do.

Spiritual Health, if that is part of your lifestyle, is also important to include in your business plan.

" To him who has, I can give him more. When you're faithful with the small things, he can give you bigger things."

- Staying connected with the calling will allow you to remain on track with the plans that are in your future.

Tier 3: Operational

Focus on operational policies and process are key. Making plans to operate your business on a day to day basis.

1. Logistics- How to fulfill your orders / appointments efficiently. What are your cancellations and refund policies?

2. Platform - Where will your business live? Make sure that you have efficient calendar planning as well.

3. Marketing- Who are you in terms of your business? Focus on creation of branding including the look, tone, feel and customer experience of your business.

Learn more about marketing in my Marketing Tips for Success blog, inspired by Christy Wright and Donald Miller from Story Brand.

4. Unique Position-

- Choose 1 thing to leverage.

- Use a tagline to hook your customers.

Tier 4: Target Market

Find a group who will want what you have to offer, and will pay your price. Talk and connect, with that person to gather details. Consider surveying your customer base.

- Potential survey options: google forms, survey monkey, polling via Instagram or Facebook (just to name a few).

- Ways to share the survey: tweet or direct message on twitter, send out an email to your email list using mail-chimp, share through a google classroom post with your audience

Are you lacking a target market?Dream them up!

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