A week of reflection and revelations...

Great things take time... and patience, and making mistakes, and reflecting, and improvements ... and repetition!

This week was one of ups and downs, lots of emotions and internal thoughts ... but I come out of it realizing that 1. I've got a lot of work to do and 2. I'm not alone in this!

Making the decision to become an independent consultant was not easy, and it's definitely not as glamorous as it sounds, but I'm ready to jump in all the way and get things done.

For the first few months, things have gone well, but I'm now realizing that the hard work, and the drive all must come from me, as my own boss. I'm lucky enough to have a few side gigs that are helpful financially at this point, but I would love to get that "financial freedom" that we all dream, at some point in the near future.

So with the latest connection that I've had with the amazing @teachwithsoul (Lisa Dabbs) and some conversations that we started last weekend, I was re-introduced to Amy Porterfield.

I teach business owners, educators and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell with ease. - Amy Porterfield

5 Social Media Tools to Cultivate Your Tribe

I just started listening to her podcast, and I've already learned sooo much that will be applied into my life starting NOW! What I love about Amy and her advice is the relevancy of the content she puts out. It seems like almost all that I've learned in the few hours with her playing in the background is completely relevant to where I am now in my journey, and will provide me with the steps toward success.

If you're looking to get into consulting, either full time or on the side, Amy Porterfield is one of the best to start learning from! Take it from a girl just starting out herself, I feel like the advice I learned in her first podcast is reasonable and has already provided me with some actionable items to put to good use.

What I learned:

List Building

The most important thing to start with is building your "list" of contacts. My misconceptions, twitter followers were enough, which is not the case here. After getting over that sadness, I realized that an email list is much more beneficial in the long run, regardless of what other social media platforms you use for connectivity. Email lists are a great thing to have, but not something that just comes to one overnight. This is where my focus is currently, and where it will stay for quite some time.

Consistent Content

I myself have always had my mind in many different places on many different projects at once. It is part of the thing that keeps me going, the excitement of so many new things and opportunities, but I'm also aware that the more I get into, the harder it becomes to manage my role in so many tasks.

I came to the realization that I, in this role especially, have to get serious about one or two projects that I want to take a large role in, and let the others become things that I done spend quite as much time focusing on. With that comes a certain amount of "free time" that will provide me with the opportunity to work more on the content that I'm sharing, which will hopefully attract others to my skills, ideas and what I can offer.

I am not alone.

I have a great small group of support behind me in all of this which is a benefit as I start out. I've realized over the past week though, that this support tribe has to continually grow if I wish to find the progress that I want in my own business.

I have mentioned it before, and I'll mention it again, these people, my "tribe" are the reason that I'm where I am today and will get wherever I do in the future, of this I am confident.

So I reached out to my tribe in the voxer "Teacherprenur" (click here to be added!) group for advice... and I'm very glad I did. Both the things that I learned from Amy's podcasts and youtube video interview I started with this week, as well as the conversations with my fellow "teacherpreneur" tribe made me realize that I am not alone, but actually in the same spot as many who have gone through this journey before me which was a huge relief!

This weeks goals:

- Build my list

- Create a schedule for content delivery deadlines

- Brainstorm topics of discussion

Last week I let all my thoughts, doubts, indecisiveness and insecurities jump in and take over. In doing so, as normally happens, I wanted to give up and go back to what is "easy." To start my day I found a quote that I liked and that i'll be focusing on throughout the week.

Sitting back looking at the list of "todo's" is not going to get me, or anyone else, anywhere. We must start our tasks and keep at them in order to eventually, get ahead.

Have a great week, I look forward to sharing my progress with you soon!

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