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Social Media Connections

Once I joined twitter in March of 2015 my life as was transformed by global connectedness, nonstop learning and sharing opportunities, and the constant support and encouragement from my "PLN" (personal learning network.)

My friend and mentor Jaime Donally introduced me to the power of twitter at my first ever EdCamp in 2015. Since then, I have been an advocate of the revolution brought about by the proper integration of social media tools into your educational world.

Over the past 3 years, I have had the honor of "meeting" so many amazing educators and connecting over our shared passion for furthering educational opportunities for students through technology integration.

March of 2015 was also when I was introduced to the concept of EdChange / EdCamp Global. The individuals and educational groups I have connected with because of these experiences and events has allowed me to build my personal learning network through connections further than I ever would have imagined! I now officially consider myself a "connected educator" with  4000+ likeminded followers on Twitter, Voxer, Periscope and Facebook.

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EdChange Global

EdChange Global creates 24-hour learning experiences providing teachers and students a platform to share their passions with others from around the globe in an online relaxed environment.


Through my experience as lead organizer and co-founder for EdChange Global and EdChange Global Classrooms, I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal about organization and management of others.

It is my duty within this role to stay in contact with others, provide them with ideas and most importantly support throughout the event. I have grown so much from 2015 until now, and look forward for the continual learning opportunities that will take place in the future.

For the past three years, as a facilitator coordinator, I schedule the sessions, receive information from the facilitators, and brainstorm with them to develop ideas. It is also part of my responsibility to make sure that each person has the necessary materials and technology support in order for their sessions to run smoothly.

I reach out to the facilitators via email and various social media platforms including our Google Plus Community created specifically for the event as well as our twitter account.

Since 2017, I have now taken on even more of a managerial role, checking in weekly with our organizers, providing them support on a weekly basis and acting as the delegator of tasks. This has been a rewarding, yet humbling experience in terms of working with other individuals. With all decisions made for the team, I keep our goal of "global collaboration and connectedness" as the center of my focus.

With the teamwork and connectedness of the organizing team we have had great success in our events thus far. As of last summer, we have had participants from 83 countries join to share and collaborate globally!

EdChange Global won the honorable mention award for the ISTE Global PLN.

We were also highlighted on their webinar in May of 2018.

Learn more about our 2018 event!

Visit our website linked here.

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Pass the Scope EDU

#PassTheScopeEDU is an event where educators use Periscope to create a live broadcast (called a Scope) and share their thoughts. Each participant uses the Periscope app to deliver a live 15 to 20 minute broadcast on the topic chosen each month. The topics are new and different each month, voted on by "PTSEdu" team members.

To follow along the periscope broadcasts each month, viewers can either find the broadcasts through Twitter or the Periscope app by searching for #passthescopeedu.

Through the last year or so I have taken a few minutes each month to be a part of #passthescopeedu which has allowed me a sounding board for my own thoughts and ideas, and even more importantly a platform to meet other passionate educators around the globe.

Any and all are welcome to join in the monthly event which takes place on the Third Thursday of each month. We are constantly seeking out new "scopers" by sharing about our event at conferences and face to face PD, as well as through social media. All we ask as a pass the scope member is that you are passionate and dedicated to bettering education, and providing discussion topics about educational trends in a positive light.

For More Details:


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