June 2011 - June 2016

I was able to spend 5 years in my role as an elementary classroom educator. I started my teaching journey as a Math and Science departmentalized teacher in a third grade classroom. The school where I got started was more of an affluent school Wesley Chapel area of Hillsborough County School District in Florida. I learned a great deal about the importance of patience and understanding on the team of nine other women. From the first year of teaching I am very blessed to say I "had it easy" with the amazing support from a very supportive administrative staff. I was able to learn many lessons in the importance of openness and communication not only with parents and students but with regards to staff members and administration as well. 

My second through fifth year of teaching tool place in Richardson ISD just north of Dallas TX. My last years of teaching were very rewarding, eye opening and at times very difficult. I will say that through the experiences that I had on a day to day basis with an ever changing classroom of students and staff members at the school, I continued to learn the important of strong communication skills and flexibility within a professional environment. I was given the opportunity to work with a very diverse group of students my last year of teaching which will forever by my "favorite"; the group of students (pictured above) captured my heart from the first day with their eager, willingness and all around strong passion to learn new things.


The most important thing that I would say I took away from my classroom teaching experiences, aside from the flexibility and communication mentioned earlier, would have to be the open mindedness that is required when working with a group of various individuals. It is important for us
to all understand that everyone is dealing with various experiences in their lives, and that we come from various backgrounds, each one different, that molds and shapes who we become. I learned
that having an open mind and a willingness to learn from those individuals about what drives them
and motivates them on a day to day basis can be a very rewarding opportunity if we take the
time to listen. 


June 2013 - June 2016

  • Trained in district; campus and district wide on Google Apps for Education

  • Created and delivered training content

  • Was chosen as one of 20 Google Guides within the district out of over 80 applicants


June 2011 - June 2016



  • Third Grade (Self Contained), June 2013 - 2016 

  • Fourth Grade (Self Contained), June 2012 - June 2013 


  • Third Grade (Math and Science), June 2011- June 2012 


  • Taught all subjects, including English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies
    for up to 22 students

  • Built and maintained relationships with students, family members and key stakeholders
    in children’s education  

  • Established a collaborative learning environment with a goal of student growth,
    achievement and meeting all students needs

  • Within our multi-level ability classroom, goal setting and reflection for myself
    and students was vital with each new experience

  • Effective technology integration to enhance and encourage student driven
    instructional opportunities

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Dallas, TX